About Founder of JCNM

Bro.K.Shyam Kishore ( Abiel Elijah Abraham )
Founder Of Jesus Christ 0f Nazareth Ministries

This 2015 has been a fantastic year for JCNM; more than Ten Thousand souls have added to the Church.

In 2014, God Almighty has opened new doors for JCNM to spread this gospel of Grace throughout India.

In 2013 the Ministry grew up to that extent when 3 prayer towers were opened in which 24 hours were going for the fulfillment of the vision

In 2012 The Ministry kept on growing the Almighty GOD gave to the Man of GOD the ultimate revelation that is the revelation of “Death Under the feet of the Church” on 12-12-2012.

In 2011 The Almighty GOD gave new Revelation to the Man of GOD, that is the revelation of Preaching the “word of Grace” as it is written in the Bible “Jesus Christ full of Grace and Truth”

In 2010 the JCNM Ministry grew up to 10 times telecasted in T.V Channel every day JCNM Programes came 10 times and bot only that the MInistry began to 3 branches one in Lakshmi Sai function Hal in Malkajgiri and one in Ashoka Gardens in Mehidipatnam. and the other one in V.B.R Gardens in old Alwal

In 2009 the strength of JCNM ministry grew up to 2000 in Jamai Osmania Garden and service is shifted to Tirumala Garden in Malkagigiri when 5000 people can be accommodated

” The man of God K. Shyam Kishore is renowned in the modern Christendom as a televangelist, miracle worker, the preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Pastor of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH MINISTRIES church. Which according to the church growth is one of the largest and fastest growing churches in India.

In 1993, God has visited Pastor Shyam and revealed his divine purpose towards him, since then, Pastor Shyam’s thoughts have been sublimed with the Spirit of God.

In 2004, He established Jesus Christ of Nazareth ministries (church), with just four members. The preaching with divine disclosures has attracted many not just only to know God, but also to experience HIM in their daily life. As he strongly believed that, “the KINGDOM of GOD is not in word, but in POWER.” He started exercising healing and miracles in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ and many have experienced healing in their bodies, miracles took place in many lives.

The exoteric way of preaching and expounding the word of God by the man of God vivifies everyone in the congregation. A revolutionary act of impartation of gifts and open demonstration of the POWER of GOD in the congregation has wiped off all the myths, and proved that FAITH is all we need to access HIM and HIS spiritual gifts not the deeds of flesh.

The Spiritual intimacy with God reveals his heart and his will; in the same way, God has revealed a great mystery of the church and the core responsibility of it to bring down all the enemies under her feet, i.e. “The Death under the feet of the church.” Once again, this mystery has been unfolded to the man of GOD Shyam. As earlier, the HOLY GHOST did reveal it to the king David and to the Prophets of God Almighty.

In 2013, the man of God had published the arcana of God in the Church, so that an effulgence of the church be revealed to the world. This is not only a key for the church to live a victorious and fearless life here on earth, it’s also to prepare the way for the LORD Jesus Christ for his second coming!

Since then, the JCNM church is vigorously praying for this vision to be fulfilled, in this course, God is also approving it with the signs and wonders, like, raising the dead, and people getting new organs etc.

This elucidates what kind of the morale this church have in God Almighty.

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