Jcnm Testimonies August 23rd 2015

Mrs. Annamma Delivered From 22 years Of Witchcraft - Telugu
Ms. Anusha – Healed From Infected Lips - Telugu
Mrs. Aruna – My Grandson Is healed from cut Tongue & Lump on back - Telugu
Baby Shresta – Healed from Blood Cancer -Telugu
Mrs. Grace Priya – Miraculously Gestation Sack Separated & Babies (Twins) healed from Heart Problem
Mrs. J Vimala – Healed from Tumour on Arm & 23 years of pending pension got sanctioned
Mr. Pankaj – Delivered from 8 years of Alcohol & Chewing Tobacco - Telugu
Mrs. Rajini Devi – Blessed with a Second Child - Telugu
Mrs. Sarojini – Delivered from Witchcraft & healed from B.P & Diabetes - Telugu
Ms. Swetha – Healed from Sinusitis & Sleeplessness - Telugu
Mr. Srinu – Healed from Fracture Leg - Telugu
Mr. Yedu Kondalu – Delivered from 15 years of Alcohol & Smoking Addiction - Telugu
My daughter has Won 6 Gold medals in Air Rifle shooting competition at the state and national level.
My son (4 years old) who was missing for 2 days is back home – Telugu
Ms. Evangeline – Delivered from suicide tendency & healed from 20 years of Gastritis – Telugu
Mrs.Joy Dwaraka Paul – Healed from Urinary Tract infection and Kinetosis ( Travel Sickness) – Telugu
Mr. Mahender – Delivered from 17 years of Alcohol addiction – Telugu
Mrs. Meena – Healed from Dark spots on face also my husband is healed from kidney stones – Telugu
Mrs. Ramya Krishna– My son (9 months old) is healed from Fits – Telugu
Mrs. Tulasi – Healed from Gangrene in right Leg ( Limb amputation surgery got cancelled) – Telugu
Mrs. Varalaxmi – Healed from throat cancer – Telugu