JCNM Testimonies – August – 24 – 2014


Naishu a ten year old girl, who has been suffering with leukaemia (APML (Acute promyeloid leukaemia)- M3) for 6 years. Due to treatment, she suffered various side effects, like, Heart failure (only 15% of heart functioning), Cardiomyopathy, Liver enlargement, Kidneys malfunction, blurry vision, low urine output, etc. During the last year, doctors had declared that, her heart is failing, only 15% it is functioning and with this heart, it is impossible for her to survive. And the only solution is heart transplantation. When they looked up, cardio specialist, he stated, because of her leukaemia, we cannot make out any heart transplantation and he turned away to render treatment. In such a hopeless situation, they came to know about the Lord Jesus, and they commenced to believe that, he was the only one who can heal their daughter, and they all depended on God. One day, Naishu shared a strange thing with her parents, that is, the Lord Jesus has spoken to her and he promised that, by the next birthday she will be healed, even so, by looking at her health condition, it was very difficult for them to believe. Because many times they have seen that she couldn’t take breath, and every night they remain awake, holding her in bossom, thinking any minute, she may pass.
Then they heard about JCNM church and how God is performing the healing and miracles in that ministry through the man of God K. Shyam Kishore. On 17 August 2014, they had attended Sunday prayers in JCNM. That day, the man of God K. Shyam Kishore has prayed for Naishu about ten minutes. After going to the home, they discovered that their daughter is very active, which they never seen in the past 6 years. For the first time in 6 years, that night, she had a sound sleep, also her low urine problem has gone. Within a week days she completely became whole. On 24 Aug 2014, which is the birthday of Naishu, she has attended Sunday service along with her parents and her parents has shared a testimony, what God has done in their daughter’s life. God has healed her, as he promised. All glory, praise and honour be to God…… Read&Watch


Mrs. Anasuya has been suffering from excessive bleeding and gastritis for 4 years, also with severe body pains for 3 years. She has been coming to JCNM prayers for 2 years, and every day with much faith, she started using JCNM prayer oil. Today she is healed from 4 years of excessive bleeding, gastritis, also 3 years of severe body pains. All the glory be to God!……. Read&Watch


Mrs. Sugunamma has been suffering with thyroid and B.P (blood pressure) for 6 years, also withdiabetes for 9 years. She was vexed taking medicines every day. She has been attending prayers in JCNM for 9 months. By faith, every day in the morning she started taking a few drops of JCNM prayer oil,. Lately, when she went for a health checkup, her every report …….. Read&Watch


Mr. Surender has been suffering with diabetes for 2 years. Lately, he started attending prayers in JCNM. After watching testimonies and instant miracles, How God is healing people through, the man of God prayers, besides through the oil, which is anointed by him. He began to take a few drops of oil with water daily in the daybreak, and when he went for a regular health checkup, doctors told him that, his blood sugar level is in normal range. Praise be to God forever!….. Read&Watch