JCNM Testimonies – September – 07 – 2014

Mrs. Lavanya doesn’t have children for 3 years. After she began to attend prayers in JCNM, she conceived. When she went for a regular checkup, doctors had diagnosed, there is a cyst in uterus and surgery is necessary to remove the cyst. Nevertheless, she has believed that, God would heal her and didn’t show any interest to go for a surgery. Daily, she commenced to take prayer oil, and continued in prayers. Again, when she went for a checkup, doctors had said, there is no cyst in uterus. All praise and glory be to God………..watch Testimony

Mrs. Hema Latha Devi has been suffering with tumors and swelling in legs for two months. She has been attending prayers in JCNM for 3 weeks. During the second week, when the man of God K. Shyam Kishore was praying for the sick, instantly, tumors dissolved and swelling has gone in her legs. She was unable to walk due to this problem, but after the prayer, she is able to walk freely without any difficulty. All glory be to God!………..watch Testimony

Mr. Manoj has been suffering with Sciatic pain for 2 years. Due to which he couldn’t walk, sit and run for a long time. He had sleepless nights, sometimes, he couldn’t get up from the bed on his own, he need someone to assist him. His friend Anusha has told him about JCNM church. Initially, he didn’t believe, but on his friend’s request, once he attended Sunday service in JCNM. During the sermon, he felt some
change in his body. He started feeling free and the pain has gone That day, for the first time, he played cricket with his friends, which was never happened in two years………..watch Testimony